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Coconut Charcoal Benefits for Your Health

Charcoal has many types and variants, depending on the main ingredient in which it is made. Some come from firewood, some from coconut shells. However, there is a certain type of charcoal that is used regularly because it has a lot of benefits, durable, and has a high heat level which is coconut charcoal briquettes. For those of you who often cook by grilling, you must be very familiar with coconut charcoal briquette. However, one of the fuels for cooking this food can be compounds that are harmful to health. Medically, coconut charcoal contains an atom called carbon. Carbon is known to many people as one of the risks from the formation of cancer-causing compounds. Charcoal contains compounds called carcinogens that trigger cancer or damage healthy cells.

However, with today’s technological advances and to get the maximum benefit, there is also activated charcoal. Activated charcoal made in a special way is heated to a temperature of around 200 degrees and is most widely used in Indonesian culinary spots. Activated charcoal has long been used to pull toxins out of the human body. Its composition is adsorbing, which means it attracts other substances into itself and takes them out of the body. To make activated charcoal, you need to heat the coconut charcoal briquette until it forms spongy pores.

Some of the benefits of using activated charcoal are:

A cure for food poisoning
Prevent drunkenness
Reduces intestinal gas
Lower cholesterol levels
Drug overdose

Nowadays, people add activated charcoal in a cosmetic product and also detox drinks. There is also a charcoal lemonade drink. The taste of this drink is often described as not very different from regular lemonade, although some say it reminds them of cement, and the texture is usually described as slightly chalky.

It is important to understand when is the right time to take activated charcoal. Otherwise, the charcoal will bind in all your body systems! The charcoal will not only help flush out toxins, but it will also make up the medicines you have taken in the last few hours and prevent you from absorbing the nutrients in food if it is consumed within a few hours of eating. The best time to drink charcoal is early in the day if you are not going to have breakfast for a few hours, or before bed, with dinner eaten a few hours earlier. Activated charcoal is claimed to flatten the stomach and improve energy levels, and this claim has several benefits. By reducing intestinal gas, your stomach will feel flat after drinking it.