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Easy Way to Choose Quality Charcoal Briquettes

Briquette is a material that can be burned. The materials used in briquettes are raw materials that can hold the fire burning for a longer period of time. Briquettes have several uses, such as for burning food and for heating the room temperature when the weather is cold. Charcoal briquettes themselves have a simple composition, which is enough material that can withstand the flame longer, such as charcoal briquettes, coal, peat briquettes, coconut charcoal briquettes, and finally briquettes from biomass. Even the charcoal briquette business has become a source of income for some people who are engaged in service businesses in this field.

Meanwhile, the production of charcoal briquettes starts with the receipt of raw materials purchased from collectors who have collaborated in advance. This raw material is the main ingredient that should not be overstated during the selection process from collectors. The stage of selecting quality ingredients determine the quality of the charcoal when it will be marketed. It is undeniable that the way to attract customers (to keep buying charcoal briquettes) is to make the quality of the charcoal better and satisfy customers. The sorted raw material for briquettes will be processed in such a way as to create charcoal with guaranteed quality. But for those of you who are just starting out in this business and haven’t found how to do a simple test that you can do when you want to determine the charcoal that can be used and processed into quality.

Burn test
Place the charcoal briquettes on the stove or metal plate with the holes and burn them on the stove. Pay attention to whether the charcoal can burn properly, how the smoke is created in the combustion process, and the splashes of material flying. After the charcoal turns to coals, you can turn off the stove. After you have let it sit for a while, you can start to judge about several points, namely: the time it takes for charcoal to burn takes a long time or not, whether the charcoal burns completely or not within a certain period of time, then the last point is when the charcoal you burn earlier is already subsided, you can notice the ashes from the charcoal. Usually, a good charcoal ash color that is owned is white gray and it is the main requirement suggested by buyers.

Calculate the depreciation of the charcoal after burning it
The amount of depreciation is closely related to production costs. As it is known that the tonnage of charcoal can be reduced when we receive it from the sender with the tonnage when it is processed into briquettes. The main factor is due to the moisture content, dust content, and several other elements that make up the charcoal. The first step you have to do is: weigh the charcoal to be tested, then heat it in a container that does not make the charcoal come into direct contact with the fire. After the charcoal is dry, weigh how much tonnage you get after removing the moisture in the charcoal. From there you will know how much depreciation will be later.