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Tag: coconut shell charcoal briquettes making process

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes: Fuel Replacement

Coconut charcoal briquettes are an alternative fuel as a substitute for cooking processes that use oil, gas, or firewood. Briquettes can replace all of these, especially if we want to bake food ingredients, briquettes can be an alternative choice. Grilling with briquettes will taste better because the heat generated by the briquettes is quite high. Coconut charcoal briquettes are a renewable energy source that generates good heat so that it is easy to cook the grilled meat that is being cooked. In addition, even coconut charcoal briquettes can be used for smoking or hookah use.

There are so many advantages of coconut charcoal briquettes. So, in addition to cooking using briquettes, it is also has a lot of benefits for various things. Although initially, it was only coconut shell waste, now, this briquette can produce lots of money even to be exported abroad.

Waste Ingredients Which Makes Money
Briquettes can be processed from various materials derived from waste. We can benefit almost everything in coconut trees, especially coconut shells which are now processed into briquettes, which in fact can gain foreign exchange. Shell briquettes have now been exported to the Middle East where there is a hookah culture.

Save-Cost Fuel
If you like to process food, of course, you will need heat energy. You may need firewood, kerosene, or gas. All of these things are normally expensive, especially if you need a lot. Therefore, it will be very suitable if it is used as briquettes as a substitute material, which of course is cheaper so that it will save your daily expenses.

Replacement of Coal
Coconut shell charcoal briquettes, one of the ingredients that come from nature, are actually more environmentally friendly when we compare it to the use of coal. The way to get it is quite easy, namely by processing waste from coconut shells into solid objects known as charcoal.

Easy to Process into Maximum Heat
The process of making briquettes from coconut shells is very easy to process. Currently, briquettes have been used so that they can be easily turned into charcoal briquettes that are jet black in color. There are various businesses that require charcoal heating so they need this coconut charcoal briquette. this is because the heat energy produced by the briquettes from coconut shells has maximum heat.

Those are the various benefits of coconut charcoal briquettes that are not widely known by people. Therefore, the article above can be new information for those of you who just know about coconut charcoal. In fact, briquettes are new energy that has been widely used and has also produced profitable exports for the country’s foreign exchange for a long time.